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How many fuel injectors does a diesel engine have?

by LiMona 01 Sep 2023



Diesel engine has distinctive features, low fuel consumption, and high torque are its advantages. Low power and high noise are its disadvantages. To the present, the diesel engine and the gasoline engine have their advantages. However, many people don't know how many fuel injectors a diesel engine has. This article will discuss how many fuel injectors a diesel engine has.


The fuel injector is one of the precision parts of the diesel engine. Its function is to atomize the diesel oil at a certain pressure into fine and uniform oil particles so that the diesel oil can be well mixed with the air in the combustion chamber.


The structural parameters of the fuel injector include the number of holes, the diameter of the nozzle, and the cone angle. It is located on the top of the combustion chamber and is directly exposed to the high-temperature and high-pressure combustible gas mixture.


The working temperature is high and the working conditions are poor. Thermal and mechanical loads often cause poor sealing of the needle valve coupling, gas backflow, or even stop working. In addition, the working condition of the injector directly affects the economy, power, emissions, and reliability of the diesel engine.


The fuel injector is installed on the cylinder head of the diesel engine and is a device for injecting high-pressure fuel into the combustion chamber of the diesel engine. It is mainly composed of a fuel injector and fuel injector body, and its installation position and angle on the cylinder head depend on the design of the combustion chamber.


According to the requirements of different diesel engines, the diesel mist from the high-pressure oil pump is injected into a specific position in the combustion chamber with a certain injection pressure, injection fineness, injection rule, range, and injection cone angle, and is combined with the air used for combustion.


There will be a fuel injector on each cylinder head, so to know how many fuel injectors a diesel engine has, you only need to find out how many cylinders the diesel engine has. Of course, it can also be judged in the following three ways.




How to count how many injectors there are?



  1. Count the number of high-pressure oil pipes.


One high-pressure fuel pipe means that the diesel engine has only one fuel injector and four high-pressure fuel pipes mean that the diesel engine has four fuel injectors.


  1. Look at the model of the diesel engine.


For example, 1 in the 195 diesel engine model represents a cylinder with a bore diameter of 95 mm. 495, 4 of which are four cylinders. 95 mm bore. And so on 295., 695, 1100, 2100, 4100, 6100.


  1. Count the oil pumps, how many high-pressure oil pipes the oil pump outputs, that is how many cylinders.


Common tractors generally use a single-cylinder diesel engine, that is, there is only one injector. However, there are two-stroke diesel engines and four-stroke diesel engines for single-cylinder diesel engines. The mechanisms of the two are the same, and the main difference is in the gas distribution structure.

Each working cycle of a single-cylinder diesel engine goes through four processes: intake, compression, work, and exhaust. In a working cycle, there is only one stroke that does work, and the remaining three strokes are auxiliary strokes that create conditions for the work stroke. Therefore, the work of the single-cylinder diesel engine is unstable.


Of course, diesel engines also have 6 cylinders, 8 cylinders, 12 cylinders, and 14 cylinders. In 2023, Perkins will release the 5000 series of diesel engines that can reach 16 cylinders. However, the 14-cylinder RT-flex96C is currently widely used. This engine will be manufactured by the world-renowned ship power supplier Wärtsilä of Finland in 2022.


The machine continuously outputs a maximum power of 80,080 kilowatts (equivalent to 108,920 brake horsepower), and the speed is 102 rpm. The machine is 27.3 meters long and 13.5 meters high, which is almost equivalent to a 5-story building. Big Mac. The displacement of each cylinder of the 14-cylinder RT-flex96C diesel engine is 1820 liters, and the power of a single cylinder can reach 7780 horsepower.


It is as high as 25480 liters. When the ship is equipped with a shaft motor, to reduce the deformation and stress caused by the increase of the thrust force, the structure of the thrust bearing with intermediate gear transmission is modified.


Whether it is a diesel engine with one injector or fourteen injectors, it has the advantages of high torque, energy saving, and high durability, and this advantage cannot be replaced by all heat engines including gasoline engines. However, diesel engines are relatively heavy and bulky, and diesel engines require high manufacturing precision of fuel injectors.




The number of fuel injectors for diesel is determined by the number of cylinders. The most direct way to judge is to see how many fuel injectors there are in your diesel engine. If the fuel injector in your diesel engine is damaged or you need to buy a fuel injector, you can go to our website to buy it. Our website will provide you with the most professional purchase guidance.


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