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Something You Should Know About Volvo Cars

by LiMona 14 Dec 2023


The Volvo Group is a Swedish automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg. While the company is mainly known for manufacturing trucks and heavy vehicles, it has a decent lineup of sedans and SUVs a swell.

Volvo cars generally have a good safety record and are known for featuring powerful engines while also being economical in terms of fuel consumption and operation.



Volvo as a car maker has been around since 1927, but was established as a subsidiary of the SKF bearing company in 1915.


Volvo Cars was spun off in 1978, but since the beginning has focused on safety as a key attribute of its cars. As early as 1944, Volvo was leading the way by building the first passenger car to use a laminated windscreen.


Some Interesting Facts About VOLVO Cars


  1. VOLVO Was The First To Introduce Laminated Windshields

Volvo introduced laminated windshields in Volvo PV444 in 1994. They are the first to introduce laminated windshields to the automobile industry. This greatly reduced the possibility of someone being hurt by the shattered glass during an accident.


  1. VOLVO Introduce THREE-POINT Seatbelts In Cars

In 1959, an engineer at Volvo invented the three-point seatbelts, which the company did not patent. The company believed that the increased safety it would bring to all car owners throughout the world would compensate for it.


  1. VOLVO Introduce An Integrated Booster Cushion

For child safety, Volvo took the initiative and introduced the first built-in booster cushion. The cushion provides increased safety and comfort to the child so that they can easily look out from the windows. The company also played a key role in developing rear-facing child safety seats.


  1. VOLVO’S Revolutionary Lambda Sensors

Volvo presented lambda sensors, which are a three-way catalytic converter used to exhaust emissions control. Now, all Volvo cars are built with these sensors to save environmental components.




This summarizes some of the unique facts about Volvo cars. If you are interested in buying Volvo parts, you can check out our store, we provide Volvo injectors.

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