Delphi Injection Pump

Delphi's common rail fuel injection pumps have earned diesel engines a reputation for efficiency and power. Common Rail is a fuel injection system that complies with strict emission regulations. It includes high pressure pump, injectors, fuel rail, filter and ECU.

Which Delphi Injection Pumps does HP Injection supply?
DPA Model Pumps, DP Series Model Pumps, DPS Model Pumps, DPC Model Pumps.

Fuel injection pump type DP210, DP310, DPS, DP200, DPA.

Some models available with HP Injection but not limited to these listed models: 9320A020G, 9320A070G, 9320A090G, 9320A130T, 9320A160T, 9320A180G, 9320A190G, 9320A190H, 9320A200G, 9320A200H, 9320A 210H, 9320A250K, 9320A260K, 9320A260K, 9320A280W, 9320A300K, 9320A320T, 9320A350G , 9320A400H, 8523A810Y, 8920A430W.

Some models may not be listed on our website, you can contact us for more details, to verify availability.