Isuzu Injection Pump

How often does the fuel injection pump need to be replaced?
If you drive more than 1000 miles per month or live in an extreme climate, you will need to replace your fuel injectors more often. Modern injectors are stronger than previous models and will last for many years. Regular maintenance and injector cleaning will help extend service life to over 100,000 miles.

Which Isuzu Injection Pump does HP Injection supply?
Isuzu engine: 4HE1, 4HK1, 4LE2, 6HK1, FRR, FSR, FTR, FVR, FXR,H Series, HTR, HVR, HXR, NPR, NPR-HD, NQR, NRR.

Isuzu Injection Pump part numbers:1-15603378-3, 101602-8993, 101062-8390, 8-98013910-0, 8-98013910-1, 8-98013910-2, 8-98013910-3, 8-9801391 0-4, 094000-0561, 094000-0560, 094000-0565, 294000-0037, 8-97306044-9, 8-97306044-8.