Mitsubishi Turbocharger

What is Mitsubishi Turbochargers?

Mitsubishi Turbo is an OEM supplier to all top car and vehicle manufacturers. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has a wide range of turbochargers covering various engines for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, ships and aircraft.


How to identify your Mitsubishi Turbocharger?

Mitsubishi uses a ten-digit code to identify its turbochargers. These follow a 5-5 pattern, usually starting with the number 4. The first five digits indicate the turbine series, and the last five digits indicate the model number. Both sets of numbers are separated by dashes. In the example photo, the number is 49135-05132.

All turbochargers must have an identification tag or nameplate affixed to the turbocharger housing. If you can provide us with your engine nameplate number, it will help us confirm more accurately.