Kubota Injection Pump

Kubota makes construction equipment. Also makes tractors and lawn equipment for everything from mowing grass and planting gardens to baling hay and raising livestock.

How to read your Kubota engine serial number?
Obtain a serial number if possible. The serial number can help determine the engine model, and finally determine the fuel injection pump model that is suitable for you. Engines manufactured before June 2012: Serial number format before 1997: 4-6 consecutive digits with no breaks in the month or year of manufacture. Serial number format from 1997 to after May 2012: alphanumeric (for example, XJ5050 or 4J5050) with breaks for the month and year of manufacture. First digit = year of manufacture, second digit = month of manufacture. Engines manufactured after June 1, 2012 have 7 digits and are completely unique.

Popular Kubota engine models: Z482, Z602, D722, D902, D905, D1005, D1105, D1305, V1305, V1505, D1503, D1703, V2003, V2203, V2403, V3300DI, V3600.

The popular Kubota fuel injection pumps we can provide: 1G830-51012, 16032-51013, 15531-51010, 1G514-51010, 1G514-51015, 1G514-51016, 1G762-51010, 16030-51013, 160 60-51010, 16454-51010 etc.