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Discover the new generation electricity:Perkins 5000 Series

by LiMona 25 Aug 2023


In June 2023, the Perkins 5000 series debuted in Asia. After years of research and development and design, it was finally released. As a new generation of Perkins engines, this series has many advantages and performances that have not been involved in previous products. It can be used for many Scenario applications, even including working at high-altitude. This article will introduce Perkins 5000 series engines and how to choose high-quality engines from the following four questions.

1.What is the Perkins 5000 Series?

2.What are the advantages of Perkins 5000 series?

3.Where is the performance application of Perkins 5000 series?

4.How to choose a high-quality engine?

What is the Perkins 5000 Series? 

Perkins is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of non-road diesel engines. The power of the products covers a wide range. In 2023, the new 5000 series of Perkins is a fully electronically controlled sub-engine with various models and power Up to 2500kVA.

Perkins is expert at tailoring engines for customers to fully meet the specific needs of customers, so it is very trusted by equipment manufacturers. The Perkins 5000 Series is a powerful family of engines designed to provide reliable power for all power applications.

What are the advantages of Perkins 5000 series?

1.This series adopts the latest European and American technology and high-strength wear-resistant materials. It has been professionally tested before leaving the factory to ensure first-class quality, stability and reliability, and can continuously provide you with stable power in various places.The Perkins 5000 series engine can run 24 hours a day, if you need it, it can even run for 6000 hours without failure, which ensures the reliability and versatility of the engine

2.The loading capacity of Perkins 5000 series is as high as 100%, which can achieve transient loading and quickly realize one-step loading. In the process of achieving transient loading, it also shows that the engine accessories used in this series are excellent, including fuel injectors, turbocharger, intake valves.


Diesel engines are ignited by compression ignition. Since the engine is still in a cold state, the intake air temperature, intake air pressure, air-fuel ratio, etc. must be in the best state to achieve transient loading.

3.Regular maintenance of the engine is to ensure the best running condition. Compared with the previous series, the biggest difference between Perkins 5000 series is that the maintenance interval is extended, and the maintenance period is 2 years. The extension of the maintenance cycle shows that the life and quality of the engine parts have been improved.

4.The emission of the Perkins engine 5000 series will be lower than that of the previous series, which is equivalent to the US EPA Tier 2 emission standard. Use dedicated piston, piston ring and liner components to achieve lower fuel and gas fuel consumption and control daily operating costs.

5.The engine structure and performance of the 5000 series are newly designed, taking into account your productivity and reliability, which can maximize productivity, have excellent load-carrying capacity, have experienced various tests under harsh environmental conditions, and can operate under any conditions It provides excellent product performance under high-altitude conditions and can operate efficiently even at high altitudes.

Where is the performance application of Perkins 5000 series?

Perkins 5000 series is a brand-new engine tailored according to the market. It adopts advanced European and American technology and is equipped with fully authorized electronic equipment.
It can integrate the remote information selected by customers into the processing solution, and provides reliable The power can be used in hospitals, industrial supplies markets, backup, main and key data centers and other scenarios with backup power requirements.

How to choose a high-quality engine?

1.The quality of the product is greater than the price, and the price of a good engine is often not cheap. Generally, the higher the power of the regular engine, the higher the price will be.The configuration of the engine cannot be ignored because of the low price. The prices of parts of different brands are different.

It is best to purchase from regular manufacturers, and the quality can be guaranteed.To purchase special diesel engines and engine parts, the manufacturer's after-sales service is also very necessary. This is related to whether your rights and interests are protected, and product after-sales service is very critical.

2.In addition to considering the quality, you also need to consider the performance. When choosing, you should also consider the operating conditions and working environment of the engine. According to your needs, choose the diesel engine with the power that suits you.


No matter which series of Perkins diesel engines are used, their adaptation scenarios and performance are different.A good diesel engine needs good accessories. Our company is a professional supplier and manufacturer of engines and parts. If you have diesel engine needs or have questions about replacement components, has the answers you need - and the products!

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