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How to Change Your Turbocharger?

by LiMona 21 Aug 2023

The turbocharger is one of the main components that allows a diesel engine to produce tons of horsepower and torque while still being incredibly fuel efficient. A turbo takes advantage of the untapped energy stored in the exhaust gas to spin a compressor which forces extra air into the combustion chamber. Modern turbochargers are built to extremely precise tolerances but also operate in some pretty extreme conditions: at their peak, a turbo can spin close to 80,000 RPM and see temperatures in the turbine housing of around 1,500°F. Even in these harsh conditions, a diesel turbo will last an extremely long time, but eventually can wear out and will need to be replaced.


Turbochargers are by their very nature a high-stress part in any engine. They are subjected to extremes of heat and motion and need a constant stream of clean oil to keep their bearings rotating smoothly and efficiently. It’s no wonder that turbochargers often go wrong, requiring the part to be replaced, so what is the process for changing this car part?



Oil Pipes and Engine Oil


Before you install the replacement turbocharger, the first job is to change the oil and associated filtration systems. Remove and replace the oil feed pipe from the turbocharger and ensure that the new pipe is free from kinks and blockages. Then replace the oil filter and replace the engine oil. It is important to have new, clean oil as impurities in older oil could play havoc with your new turbocharger’s bearings. Finally, remove all the crankcase hoses and filters, and either clean or replace them in line with the recommendations in your owner’s manual.




Clear Out your Engine



Immobilize the engine and then turn the engine over until around about half a pint of oil is pumped out of the turbo oil feed pipe. This is a vital step that ensures all particulates are removed from your system, preventing your new turbocharger from becoming contaminated. You are now ready to start with the replacement work, but remember the turbocharger is a sensitive part so cleanliness is vital throughout the change procedure.



Remove the Old Turbocharger


The first step is to remove the bolts that connect the exhaust downpipe from the turbocharger and unscrew the air intake, which is typically held in place by a Phillips head screw. This now leaves you free to loosen the main bolts that hold the turbocharger and the exhaust manifold in place. Typically you will need to undo these with a ratchet. Finally, take the turbocharger off the car.



Install the New Turbocharger


As with all replacement parts check the new turbocharger against the old part. You are looking to make sure that all the fixings are in the same place to check you have the exact part required. It’s then a simple case of reversing the previous steps. First connect the main bolts to the exhaust manifold, before screwing the air intake into place, and finally reconnecting the exhaust downpipe.




The next step is to connect the oil pipe to the turbocharger. Before fitting this ensure that the blanking plug is removed if necessary, and turn over the engine until oil flows out of the turbocharger bearing housing. Refit the pipe and tighten all connections, taking care not to over-tighten.



Final Checks


When you have installed the new turbocharger, it is vital that you check there are no oil leaks from the part. Simply start the car and make sure there are no leaks from any part of the turbocharger, and no visible exhaust fumes coming from the exhaust manifold or downpipe. If you have a boost gauge you can use this to check that the boost pressure is within the manufacturer’s specified limits.





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