Caterpillar Injectors

What is Caterpillar Injector?

Caterpillar fuel injectors play a pivotal role in the efficient operation of diesel engines. As precision-engineered components, these injectors are responsible for delivering the precise amount of fuel into the combustion chamber at the optimal moment, ensuring smooth and powerful engine performance.

Caterpillar injectors are devices for atomizing and and injecting fuel into an internal combustion engine, which are specially used on Caterpillar engines.

Caterpillar injectors are hard-coated components that deliver up to 3X the life expectancy of non-coated parts. Coating protects injectors from excessive wear and dirty fuel erosion, the leading cause of injector failures. Longer injector life reduces cost and puts more on your bottom line.

What Could Be Causing the Combustion Problems In Your CAT Engine?

White smoke at start-up

Soot in the fuel system

Injector seats erode away

If you pull the injector out, you might also see discoloration or carbon tracking on the tip of the injector. That's a telltale sign that the injector isn't sealing properly with the cylinder head.

Because of this, air gets into the fuel and the air is compressed instead of the fuel. This leads to abnormal injection timing.

Which Caterpillar injectors does HP Injection supply?

We can supply all fuel injectors for Caterpillar engine and machines. Caterpillar engine are as below:

C11, 3606, C18 Acert, C9, C6.6, C15 Acert, 3516, C15, 3054C, C3.4B, 3508, C4.4 Acert, 3406C, C18, C13 Acert, C7.1, C32, 3616, C7, C2.2, C9.3 Acert, C32, 3216, 3608, C27, 3516B, 3512, C7.1 Acert, C1.5, 3512C, C15, C1.1, 3612, C3.6, C4.4, C2.2T, C9.3B, 3512B, 3516E, C13, C9.3, 3508B, C2.8, C18, C1.7, C13B, C3.4, 3516C.

Popular Cat Injector Types:cat c7 injector、cat 3126 injector、cat c15 injector、cat 3116 injector...

Selecting the Right Caterpillar Injector:

Choosing the appropriate fuel injector for a Caterpillar engine requires careful consideration of factors such as engine model, application, and performance requirements.