Cummins Injection Pump

Cummins Fuel Systems offers: industry-leading technology with advanced fuel pumps, injectors and systems capable of handling the special needs and requests of a variety of different applications, capable of providing fully integrated solutions to optimize engine performance and fuel economy.

Which Cummins Injection Pumps does HP Injection supply?
Mid-Range Xpi Fuel System、Heavy Duty Xpi Fuel System、Common Rail Fuel Injectors.

HP Injection can provide injection pumps for the following Cummins engines, including but not limited to: Cummins 4BT 3.9 Engine, 6BT 5.9 Engine, 6CT 8.3 Engine, ISB 5.9 Engine, ISB 6.7 Engine, ISC Engine, ISL Engine, ISM Engine, KT19 Engine, KT38 Engine , KT-50 Engine, KTA19 Engine, KTA38 Engine, KTA-50 Engine, LT10 Engine, N14 Engine, NT 855 Engine, QSB 3.3 Engine, QSK 19 Engine, QSK 23 Engine, QSK 60 Engine, QSL 9 Engine, QSM 11 Engine , QST 30 Engine, QSX 15 Engine, VT 903 Engine, VTA 28 Engine.

Hot sale Cummins injection pump part numbers:5262669, 4988595, 0470506012 3944983 3937167, 10401016094 5262671, 3971529, 0402736909 and so on.