Perkins Injectors

What Are Perkins Injectors?

As a key component, Perkins injectors are designed specifically for your engine with precision drilled nozzle holes, needle to body gap, and needle design for positive seating and exact fuel delivery to deliver the right fuel flow giving you best fuel consumption, power, and performance from your engine.

The fuel system in a Perkins engine is one of its most important and complex components. Perkins engines use different injectors depending on the control system and engine type.

Types of Perkins injectors: Common rail injector systems, Direct Injection, Indirect Injection, Mechanically Actuated Electronic Injector (MEUI), Hydraulically Actuated Electronic Injector (HEUI).

What Perkins Injectors Does HP Injection Offer?
HP Injection can provide most of the Perkins injectors on the market, and all injectors have passed strict quality inspections. We also provide perkins 4 cylinder diesel injectors, 4 cylinder perkins diesel engine parts and perkins 3 cylinder diesel engine parts.

Perkins Engine family:100 Series, 1000 Series, 1100 Series, 1200 Series, 3.152 Series, 4.236 Series, 400 Series, 6.354 Series, 800 Series, 850 Series, 854 Series, 900 Series.
100 Series: 102.05, 103.07, 103.10, 103.13, 103.15.
1000 Series:1004-4, 1004-40, 1004-40T, 1004-42, 1004-4T, 1006-6, 1006-60, 1006-60T, 1006-60TA, 1006-60TW, 1006-6T.
1100 Series:1103A-33, 1103A-33T, 1103B-33, 1103B-33T, 1103C-33, 1103D-33, 1104A-44, 1104A-44TA, 1104C-44,1104C-44T perkins engine ,1104C-44TA, 1104D-44 ,1104D-44T.
400 Series:403A-11, 403D-07, 403D-11, 403D-15, 403D-17, 404D-22 perkins engine.

Hot selling Perkins injectors part numbers:2645A747,2645A749,131406490,2645K025,2645K016,131406500,2645A743,2645A006,2645K015,131406540,2645A021 ,131406340,131406330 and so on.

Why Choose Perkins Injectors?

Perkins injectors come in a number of options. They can be mechanical or electronic, depending on your engine model, and similarly single or multi-spray. They are thoroughly tested to ensure they offer optimum combustion, the highest level of performance, are clean and meet the relevant country’s emission standards.

Perkins injectors are highly reliable, opening and shutting thousands of times an hour.