Delphi Injectors

Delphi supplies injectors for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, John Deere and Navistar. And provide remanufactured injectors for these brands.


Which Delphi Injectors does HP Injection supply?

3406E Injector Part Number: EX630956, EX630957, EX630958, EX630956, EX630957, EX630958.
C10/C12 Injectors: EX630961, EX630963, EX630967, EX630968.
C13 Delphi Reman Part Number: EX632977.
C15 Delphi Reman Part Number: EX630955, EX631273, EX635919.
Reman E Series Injectors Delphi Reman Part Number: EX631015, EX631016, EX631017, EX631018, EX631028, EX631029, EX631030.
Reman HEUI Delphi Reman Part Number: EX63800AA, EX63801AB, EX63802AC, EX63803AD, EX63804AE, EX63805AF.