Komatsu Injection Pump

Komatsu is a leading manufacturer of construction, mining, forestry and industrial heavy equipment. Komatsu mainly provides mining and construction equipment machines such as bulldozers, excavators, forklifts, motor graders, trucks, and wheel loaders.
Komatsu fuel injection pump is one of the main components of diesel engine injection system. Komatsu jet pumps can be divided into the following types: in-line, distribution and main.

Which Komatsu Injection Pumps does HP Injection supply?
The product line includes small bulldozers: D37EX-24, D37PX-24, D51EXi-24, D51PX-24, etc. Medium Dozers: D61EXi-24, D61PXi-24, D61PX-24, D65WX-18, D65PX-18WH, D71EXi-24, D71PXi-24. Large bulldozers: D85EXi-18, D85PXi-18, D85PX-18, D85EX-18WH, D155AXi-8, D155AX-8WH. Small excavators: PC30MR-5, PC45MR-5, PC78US-11. Medium excavators: PC130-11, PC130LC-11, PC170LC-11, PC210LCi-11, PC210LC-11, PC240LC-11. Large excavators: PC360LCi-11, PC360LC-11, PC390LCi-11, PC490LC-11MH. Komatsu SA6D125E PC400-7 PC450-7 PC460-7, Komatsu Engine S6D102E-1 Wheel Loader WA180-3L WA180-3MC, PC300-7 PC360-7

Komatsu injection pumps: 729642-51330,1G702-51010,1G702-51012,6156-71-1112,6735-71-1540, 6217-71-1132,094000-0463,6743-71-1131.

Komatsu popular injection pump part numbers: 729642-51330,1G702-51010,1G702-51012,6156-71-1112,6735-71-1540, 6217-71-1132,094000-0463,6743-71-1131.