Cummins Injectors

What is Cummins Injector?
Cummins Injectors are used for Cummins diesel engines.

Cummins Injectors are precision-engineered fuel injectors designed to maximize the performance and efficiency of Cummins diesel engines.

Why choose cummins injectors?

To avoid a backflow of heated fuel and requiring a fuel-cooling system, Cummins fuel injectors have pressurized spring cavities which ensures minimal to no leakage and eliminates the need for additional cooling and improves overall fuel economy.

Which Cummins Injectors does HP Injection supply?

Cummins engines are widely used, from excavators and loaders in construction and earthworks, forklifts, cranes and elevators in material handling, graders, rollers and pavers in road construction, exploration equipment in mines, tractors in agriculture, combine harvesting machines, and then to marine engines. We can provide most of the above engine accessories, if not, contact our customer service, you can get the correct parts you need!

Cummins Engine models 3.9L 4B 4BT 4BTA 5.9L 6B 6BT 6BTA 4.5L ISB 5.9L ISB 6.7 ISB 5.9 QSB ISX QSX.
Cummins fuel injectors:3283562, 0432133864, 1933613 1881565, 5263262, 0445120123, 0445120187, 0986435573, 4089877C, 4089877, 3283160, 3928228, 2 867147 Y431K05392, 3087648 3064881 and so on.

Popular cummins Injector Types:5.9 cummins fuel injectors、6.7 cummins fuel injectors.